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Grooming Black Russian Terrier

High Maintenance Coat of Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier has an extremely high maintenance coat. Depends on the type of coat you have it will take up to 8 hours a week to keep the dog in an outstanding coat condition. Washing, brushing, conditioning, oiling, etc

Another problem you can deal with is the dog's attitude as it must be used to the grooming from the day 1/ Step by step, minute by minute you need to practice with your future monster the grooming routine.

First and foremost buy grooming table 48" long as in a close future you will have a monster who will not fit the table less than 40". 

Second, discuss with your breeder the comb you need, the shampoo you will need, scissors, crimping tools, etc

Black Russian Terrier has long hair on ahead. You will need to keep ponytails up to open dogs' eys. Spiral type is the most popular one

WHERE to buy
a comb for BRT

Comb Supplier Europe.jpeg
Comb BRT Black Russian Terrier.jpeg
Rake Black Russian Terrier BRT.jpeg
Comb Supplier Europe Ukraine.jpeg


Bathrobes for Black Russian Terriers are very helpful to save time to dry very rich coat, it takes 30-40 minutes to get rid of 80% of water



Comb - you will need a special raking comb to take undercoat out. My favorite one is ordered from St Petersburg (Russia) custom made



Dog Grooming Scissors

My Favorite - Geib Black Pearl Shears are made from high performance Japanese cobalt alloy metal with a Rockwell Hardness Rating of 60 


Rain Jackets

Rain Coat is helpful to avoid soaking wet dog after each rainy day walking


Grooming Videos
on YouTube channel

Coat Maintenance and Trimming

Unless you are prepared to groom your dog regularly, the Black Russian Terrier is absolutely not the breed for you.

At the minimum, the dog will require every day brushing with a slicker brush to keep the coat mat-free.

Throughout the world, it is accepted that this is a trimmed breed, which means that it is effectively "sculptured" for exhibition at shows, though a BRT kept purely as a pet would probably not be trimmed so precisely.

The guidelines for trimming can be modified to the pet owner's preference.

As this is a relatively new breed, there is still some debate among owners as to exactly how much trimming should take place and the exact manner in whichh it should be done.

Grooming equipment

The BRT requires friquent grooming, so select quality equipment that will last for years of use.

Basic list of tools:

Slicker brush

Metal comb


Electric Clippers

Rubber mat

Dog Shampoo

Spray hose attachment


Ear cleaner

Cotton Balls

Nail Clippers

Tooth-care products

Grooming Video

Grooming NECK

Grooming BRT - De-matting Techniques

Grooming BRT - plush coat technique Black Russian Terrier

Grooming BRT - de-matting technique

Grooming BRT - Hygiene Area 

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